At Wazi, our focus is to help everyone access quality eye care, without paying hefty sums for it. We understand that good eyesight is critical to overall health and well being – especially for children and that is why we have created affordable eyeglasses that are designed in Uganda and cost 80% less than what is currently on the market. Our virtual reality (VR) testing kit also helps bring eye care testing to communities that do not have optometrists or access to affordable eye care services.

Why Wazi?

Choose Innovative
Our team loves to think outside the box. From eye screening to carefully designing and delivering our eye glasses, everything we do is done with a touch of innovation to make every one’s experience magical. Our brand promise is that from the point your prescription is received, we will have your eye glasses delivered within 24 hours of a working day.
Affordable eyeglass
We are cutting the cost of eye care by almost 80% and yet we do not compromise on quality or delivery. We want everyone to see beyond, and pay as little as possible for it. Our combination of price, convenience and quality is unmatched.
Eye wear that makes an Impact
At Wazi, we care about you and about the communities around us. Every pair that is bought online or through our direct sales channels contributes 10% to helping a child in need acquire a pair of glasses. To make this possible, we go directly to our communities, perform eye testing exercises and give away eye glasses to children whose parents cannot afford.


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